You White like Me? We gotta own up. 


Everybody speak and share your truth here by posting your video selfies here, about the reality of our white supremacist nation. And do it without a "but" in it. Meaning these videos are not about defending white people or our white culture racial, they should be about owning up to and taking responsibility racially.


                                                          - Dixon D. White 








All Those Years of My Liberalness
I had used coloblindness as a way to miniimize and reduce the importance of the Black experience. "Until we see where it has come from. Until we address, and recognize, and acknowledge that this world was made for people who look like me, it was made for white people, often on the backs of people of color..."
My BFF was a Person of Color Yet
I never saw her reality. How she and Blacks were treated differently in our White suburban community.
I Have a Black Brother Here in White
racist America. I never stop worrying about him, especially where we live which is a predominantly White area. I have been holding a lot of grief and anger which I hope this group can help me grow out of. I hope to see more videos to help us all heal.
Dominique McCormick‎
If Calling Me A Nigger-Lover
hurt me as much as it did when I was called that. I can't imagine how it much feel to be a person with Black skin. Imagine what it must feel like to know that your ancestors were slavs owned by other people. Or if your Grandfather or someone in your family was lynched and hung in a tree, just because they looked at a woman. Can you imagine what it must be like to tell your children to "Be careful what you do when you go out. Make sure your hands are where police can see them?" Kathleen Carman
This Goes A Lot Deeper Than Freddie
Gray and Michael Brown's death. I'm getting a lot of To my family and friends: I've been getting a lot of "What is your problem?" for speaking out about White Supremacy. I'm not trying to make you feel guilty. I'm just trying to get you to admit what happened in the past.
If you have a
Mike O'Brien
What If We Started Looking at Black
as a mentality? Not looking at Black people as needing to be fixed. If White is a mentality of nice and polite. If we started looking at Black as strong and endearing and dominant. If we started telling our stories about Black heroes in a happy, triumphant way. You could say "You know what I'm Black! I over came!" And then when you say Black Lives Matter, it clicks. Because then you're saying your life matters.
Chasity Fryer
I'm Bi-Racial & Live In the South
Bi-Racial children have their own struggles that they have to deal with. There's a lot more White people in the South. Racism still prevails.
I Apologize to Every Person of Color
Out there that I have not spoken out louder and sooner. My daughters best friend is Black. Whenever there is a new story about a new Black person being killed. My daughter--she's eight--asks me: "Is my friend safe?" She's 8! We're American citizens. This is a great country. But we're screwing it up. White Southerners? Let go of the Confederate flag. It is not a symbol of your heritage, or my heritage. It is not a symbol of Southern pride, proud Black people would like it too.
Kelli Crackel
Why Would She Think I Would Be OK
With That? The hospital staff asked questions, like, if she knew who the president was, to see if she still had her memory. This White woman next to me said: "That NIgger!" I completely froze. There were three other people standing around, I know they heard it, too, because she was not whispering. Of course! We're all White and none of said a damn thing, including me. I wish I could go back. I mean: why did she think I'm OK with that? Because I'm White?! I should have said something
Amy Jordan
My Dad Used the S-Word. It's Like
the N-Word. The S stands for Shvatz or Shvatza.. It means Black. I'm aware the N-Word also just means Black. But it's the context, the ugliness which you say it with. The overtones. By the way, my father and my mother raised me well. Back in the day you could say that, even if they had that overtones of bias. Especially as Whites how can we be more empathic to the Black experience and to what Blacks have to go through everyday? We have to get past the lies over years and centuries. Adam Goldberg
I Could Say All These Things And
they wouldn't be taken seriously. I think this challenge is great. And, I know that Dixon White is not trying to undermine people of colors voice. Once again we're in this limbo. We're in this purgatory about what weight does our voice have? It's crazy to me that we still live this way. Jesse Keating
I was born & raised in Minneapolis
Minnesota and I used to hold the belief that since we were in the North that there was less racism up here. But I was wrong. My best friends would say that typical racist bullshit and justifying how it's OK to use the N word. I used to let it slide but I'm not going to anymore.
Tim Junior
I Was Hesitant to Watch Dixon's
Video. At first I thought it was going to be some White person talking down. . I thought it would be This made me realize that not all White people are the same. Not all White people are out to do wrong to Black people. I'm glad you know what we're going through. What I'm trying to do is educate my people, too.
Skking Shaq
I Was Surrounded by Adults When I
grew up, who were supposed to guide me into a respectable adult. But all I ever heard was 'White is Right.' I go to school and I hear racism all the time. It seems to me I'm the only one who isn't laughing. And, that breaks my heart. People should stand up against racism.
Rylee Lanay Richards‎
In the South Side of Chicago I Grew
up around all Black people. I rarely saw any one of White or Caucasian decent. Until I moved to Tennessee. I was surrounded by White people. I said "Mother, I've never seen these many White people in my life." My Mother said "They're not going to hurt you. They're human, just like you." Mic Wise
We Gotta A Problem Here & Its Not
only in the South. It's all over the place it's everywhere. I'm from Wisconsin.
Traci Onsgard
I Think They Are Using Race to
distract us. This White society that we live in took out our fathers and grandfathers. That crippled us. So we have a lot of ground to gain. I'm calling out my people, too.
Cannon Too'Effin Wavey
First Time I Heard the Word Nigger
was when my grandfather and I were driving to McDonalds. I was just a little kid. He cursed a Black person crossing the road. The next time was when my Dad said 'Niggers don't pay rent." His whole Christian stance went. I totally couldn't be a (Christian) believer then cuz I could see how my Dad would act one way, and then he said that! My Mom loved everybody.She let her Black friend drive her Camero. Her Dad took her keys and said 'No Nigger is going to drive one of ou cars.
Eartheart Walker‎
There Were Hundreds of Klansman
marching down the street I remember when we drove through threw town we always had to duck down under the seats. My White grandma would have us play hide and seek on the farm in the cornstalks. So she could shield us from the KKK. We never got to get out of the car until we arrived safely on the farm.
Niche Williams
I'm Here In NYC We Are Having Real
racial strife. Interestingly enough a lot of White people don't even realize it There is such a split in our City, it's actually one of the most unequal cities and places in the Country. So when one group is going to be poorer than the next can you guess which group it's going to be? My money's on the Black people. White Supremacy also does that to Brown people. The only way to dismantle it is for us to stop taking everything for granted. Challenge yourself.
Debra Goodman in the Park
The Bible Says Love Thy Neighbor
To me that means no matter what. I’ve benefited throughout my life because of White privilege my whole life. And I take responsibility for my ignorance because I hadn’t bothered for a long time look into this stuff. I make a pledge right now that I’m not going to stand still. I’m going to raise my voice when injustice is done to my brothers and sisters of color. I hope a whole lot of my brethren of the fair skin color can follow suit, man up and take responsibility. Donny Bouch
I Was Called Chocolate Bar I Was
called Nigger. My third grade teacher looked me in the eye and said "Well Its not nice for these kids to say that to you, Carrie. But you are a Nigger." I was mortified. I was heartbroken. Lets continue to work together and continue to make this happen.
Carrie Laura-Lee Howe‎
Practice Flipping Race Upside Down.
I was born into a White body. And, have benefited all my life from White privilege. I've learned to see that everything I've been taught about race its usually the exact opposite. I would encourage everybody as a practice when you have a gut reaction about race to turn that on its head.
Abe Lateiner
I Am Your Typical Black Women I Am
single and I have three kids I raise by myself. I can give you the the experience of what its like to be underprivileged, undesired, unfavored. It might not be your experience, but this is my life, this is what I deal with. I'm from Detroit, MI. We went through bankruptcy. Greedy politicians. We were already poverty stricken but it's worse. I want to show you my neighborhood. Women get raped in these buildings, they're burned, sometimes there are bodies. I worry about my kids.LaTosha McCauley
I Served My Country in the Military
in Germany I learned how wonderful this world can be to a man of color. Only to come home and feel like the lowest form of life on earth. It hit me like a ton of bricks. But I will not allow this to make me hate. I get angry, I feel lonely. I walk on eggshells all the time. Keep the movement going. It's the only thing that will work. I finally found something that I can heal with and help with.
J'evon Covington
I Know Nothing About Persecution
I'm White. I'm a Christian. I'm married, I'm heterosexual. I am surrounded more often by people from the Middle East than African Americans. I recognize that there are problems in the US with Whites and Blacks. I recognize that there are assumptions that Mexicans are lazy and dirty. But I also know that there are problems with the assumption that Muslims are out to get us. I happen to know a lot of them. And, I'd break bread with any of them, any day of the week.
Stuart Stokes
My Section of Country is South Texas
I felt superior when I first moved here in the 80s but in the end I was basically ignorant. Marsha Mtz Vela
Every Race That Ever Fought In This
and I am a product of the mixed culture of slavery, oppression, because I'm not pure as a person. Any person who is looking at me in any inhumane could be my brother and we don't even know it. A lot of kids in their twenties, we use this N word and we think we've created a new meaning for it because we don't say with the -er at the end or we say it with an 'a' at the end.

Robert Dabossman Keels
For Halloween We Dressed in Black
Face. I want to speak to the White Liberals. Those who argue that we're in a post-racial society are wrong. I joined a church that was intentionally multi-ethnic. I heard Black folks talk about their experiences with the police and being discriminated. I realized that my White privilege was transparent to me. I've since joined the #BlackLivesMatter movement.
Byron Durham‎
I Grew Up In The Suburbs
While overt racism was unacceptable, it did exist. It was very subtle. You could never prove that it existed. And, if you can't prove it, people think it doesn't exist. Combating racism takes honesty. I've always tried to get people to talk about, but I just couldn't get people to. I haven't given up trying to have this conversation.
Rebecca G
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Equal Opportunity My Ass
Let me break it down for you. There is not equal opportunity in this Country. It's not the child's choice that he is born in a poor area.
My Grandmother Told Me It Took Her A
long time before she understood racism. My sister and brothers all had different fathers. Nobody questions that. But if my mom were Black they absolutely would.
Caitlin Rahmer
I Remember Protesting Back
in college is something I've been thinking of. I was thinking I didn't have many experiences that related. And then, slowly but surely I realized I had lots of stories. I'd just been so strongly encourage by the dominant culture to think of those stories as non-stories. I think this is reflective of the biggest challenges for white people in America regards racism in this country. White people get lots and lots of message that say "this is not your problem."
Shelley in NJ
The Least I Can Do Is Be a Witness
when I see or hear injustice. I was born and raised in the Deep South in a small down. I was about six or seven. I had invited my Native American friends, they were twins, over to play at my house. I found out later that our White neighbor had asked my mother why she had allowed Niggers to be at our house. I remember the revulsion I felt that someone would say that about my sweet beautiful friends. We didn't say that word at my house, but I knew what it meant.
Racists Are Cowards
In my Spanish class one day, this Black girl got upset and got up and left the classroom. I went to a predominately White school. So of course everyone was laughing. Someone asked why she left. And this other girl answered: "Because she's a Nigger." I was so upset I was shaking. I couldn't believe my ears.
Appreciate the Brother for Speaking
Out. All you undercover white racists need to get with the program and help the rest of the country.
Ami Propagator
I'm Ashamed to Be a White American
My first taste of racism came when I was a little boy about 8 years old. We lived in an all White nieghborhood. One day a Black family moved in. A week later. I couldn't believe my eyes. I read about, I'd seen it on TV, my parents told me about it when they grew up in the South. Here's a 10 foot cross burning in this families front yard. The family is standing in the street I never heard my father say the F word. But that day he said "Those fucking racists."
Mike O'Brien
Liberal Lefty-Girl in San Francisco
I almost can't believe this redneck's shit is real. I need to check my self on my real shit.
Margaret Roberts
I'm One of Those Good White People
But I still don't get a pass. I've spent my whole life being told by education, by media and the country that my people are smarter, more attractive, less threatening, harder working. I've been told a lie.
Cathy Thompson-England
What Is Probable Cause? An Officer
saying "I thought I saw. I think something happened?" I was driving through Oklahoma. I knew when the lights came on something was going to happen. He tells me he has to cite me for speeding. That's fine. By the time this incident was over I ended up in handcuffs. I was very polite. But somehow that opened the door to him feeling like he could go further. Andre Guthrie
My Family Were Slave Owners
in Haiti. The whole family was killed. And, it would argue rightfully so. The Master was poisoned. There was one family member left. He was left wandering the streets. As the legend of our family goes, he was found by a family slave. Instead of being killed by the slave, he was saved by the slave. Because of that story, I feel I owe a dept to pacifism and also to racial equality and justice.
Asa Abraham Gregory
Let's End Racism white supremacy
"I've been called a white girl and I've been called a monkey, which I am not either."

Hey here is my thoughts and i hope u all understand these are all my own opnions nobody has to listen u can always click out
Let Me Just Say I Was Wrong.
I get in arguments with my black friends because I don't really believe in racism. I don't want to believe it's real. But it is real. Racism is here. And, it's disgusting. I vow to do what I can to change it.
Melissa Bouchard
I Remember Using the N Word
when I grew up. I'm in Pennsylvania. Racism up here isn't as open as down South. Growing up I remember using the N word when I was a kid. I thought I was being funny. I didn't realise how hurtful that word was.
Cris Caldwell
I Have to Admit I Have Racist
tendencies. When its put into words, it kind of resonates with you and you realize maybe we're not as far along as we think we are. Because it's been so deeply indoctrinated in institutions and our culture. It comes through.
Major Castleberry
A Perspective on Race in America
I grew up up North. Went to school at Syracuse. I saw it in my frat. There's a lot of ignorance by choice.
Sean Patrick Coon
The Worst Possible Word That
my brothers and sisters could hurl at each other was the N word, worse if 'Black' was added to it. I was raised to be racist. Everything I was taught was wrong, absolutely wrong.
Anna Rae Bamberg Gilder
This is What Social Media is About
This movement is what it's about. Everybody that posted, especially my White brothers and sisters, that expressed their concern: I definitely feel it deep down. It's a testament to how when you take out politics and you put in your heart and feeling and don't focus on the dollar, but you focus on the people. You all keep em coming. You all got some honesty to live up to? We have some ourselves. The beauty of this is we can all do it together.
Maurice C. Simmons‎
I'm Releasing My Truth on You,
And a number of you won't like it. Some of you will. That's ok, it all comes with speaking your truth. White supremacy is real. Pass it on.
Gloria Roheim McRae
White People Don't Know I'm BiRacial
Cory Holtz‎
I've Been Called A Nigger.
I'm not even Black. I'm Native American. That's the sad part. Regardless of the color of my skin I have the biggest heart of anyone I know.
Haley Monay
Exposing Skeletons In My Closet
As as young lad My greagrandfater was the caucasion Jew, he llooked streight white. He was my favorite person in the world. We used to watch Country music shows, and he used to tell me to never get a dark skinned girl with nappy headed girl. So that made me kind of favor whites more. My perception changed when I experienced racism in school.
Angelo Gianni
We Have 90% White Customers
Its crazy the older white people and even some younger White person comes in the door I'll say "Hello!" And they'll hear me, but they won't even look at me and they just pretend like I'm not there. But if one of my White coworkers says "Hello!" They'll be like very friendly.
Whittney Ballard‎
My Town Has a Very Bad History
I've learned that hate breeds hate and love breeds love. I saw a Black girl and said: "Look at that little pretty little chocolate baby." My Mama said "Hush!" That little girl's mama came over and hugged my Mama and said "I understand." I look back at that and think those were just two moms taking care of their babies, no different. I've been catching hell all day about the racism discussion from family and friends just an FYI.... we have plenty of hate and bullshit in the world
Keisha Riddle
We Lived in a Black Nieghborhood
We lived in South Central LA. But my mom never gave me identifiers like 'that guy looks dangerous.'
Harryette McCrary
I'm One of Those Good White People
But I still don't get a pass. I've spent my whole life being told by education, by media and the country that my people are smarter, more attractive, less threatening, harder working. I've been told a lie.
Cathy Thompson-England
Oscar Carl: Join me & Make a Video!
I support my man Dixon D. White, number one, and number two I invite you to join me an make a video, too. in order to end what he calls racism and I'd call human relations no matter what the color of your skin. I'd love to see it!
I Was A Hateful Man
When I heard what Dixon D. White had to say the other day it hit me hard. I know who I am. I am White and comfortable with my own race. I hang out with White folks and only one Black man and some mixed folks. I can't hate another for the color of their skin but at one time I did. But when it came right down to it as I walked on the Appalachian trail I was that what I hated most was me.I mean I was a hateful man. There was not too many that would have anything to do with me.
Larry Riddle
There Is Only Two Races: Those Who
love and those who hate. The ones that I believe are having issues with all this I believe are ones who've suffered and gone through shit. Probably from their parents or the past. Sometimes its hard to be positive, but we have to do it. As a White person, I made a list of things we can do to shine light. We need to educate our children more constructively and creative. Stop trying to make them robots with no emotions. We have to work with each other and for each other. To cooperate.
Joe Luckay
I'm an Artist on the Lower East Side
When I was getting out of school, every White company would give me a design test. One of my White artist friends said 'What design test?' I went into Donna Karon's menswear, I was designing for very famous people like JayZ. The Interviewer said; "You're the best designer we're ever seen. But I'm sorry we can't hire you, because you're Black.
Lady Millard
Though Laws Changed Institutions
didn't. You have a situation where people who were inherently involved in the institution of slavery have passed down through generations, favored those who already have advantage. To allow the powerless to elevate themselves beyond the harshest limitations the institutions continued to oppress and exploit.
The only way forward is to form a union of like-minded people and perform alliances of those seeking and desirous of a more inclusive society.
Michael Nurse
In the Marines I Was Told A Young
Black man has no business being so confident. A White guy was asked why he was sitting next to a lesser being. When I moved from West Philly when I was ten years old to New Jersey. I quickly learned I had to change myself. From someone who sounded like they were from the inner city to someone who sounded like they were from the suburbs. When I made that change, I was accepted more by White people. But I was shunned by Black people who wanted to hold onto that part of themselves. Tony Holland
Point is to Recognize the Problems
and discuss them. Color is and issue. And, it always has been all the way from the founding of this wonderful nation.
Mike Rodriguez
I am 17 yrs old & I live in Florida
There are alot of people who are racist and a lot more White people who are racist. This nation is America, we shouldn't be this way. We shouldn't be seeing Black people getting killed on videos because other people don't like them. It's not OK. We need to stand up for what is right. I'm standing up for what is right. And what we need to do and need to stop.
Seth Ed Hoch
I Want to be Encouraging, not Blame.
This is about getting past that hurdle that we have. We have to move on. We're at a stuck stage in our relationship. We have to move to that next stage in our relationship. We're America! We don't have the time, we don't have the luxury to disintegrate. Who really wants that? This isn't about who did what. We need to get over that blanket of hurt. Sometimes all you have to say is an apology. Saying 'We get it. And we're sorry." Its such a powerful thing.
Chasity Fryer
I'm 1/2 Irish & 1/2 Iranian American
Regards to racism, I think one needs to look at it as whole. We're dealing with White supremacy. Most of us Whites aren't aware of it. I wasn't even aware of it most of my life. It's the most prominent parts of all of our lives, White people and Black people.
Yousef Bassirpour‎
I Learned Racism From My Parents
My parents were driving through the parking lot and my Dad said 'That's just disgusting!" He's pointing at a Mixed couple. And, my Mom's like: "Don't you ever date a Black guy." My Mom pulled me out of public school and put me into private school, because she thought I was starting to talk like (Black kids). I actually have a Mixed child.
Jaclyn Griffin,
Ashville, NC
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